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Photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects

Below are some examples of extreme photo restoration. Thankfully, most don't fall into this category, but when they do, we are the ones to bring them back to life.

Extreme Photo Restoration


A badly damaged photo in need of restoration


Photo restoration complete and image enlarged to 5x7

This cabinet card photograph from the late 19th century had seen the ravages of time. It was faded, discolored, cracked, scratched and even had what appeared to be a burn mark across the surface. No problem!


Photographic retouching and restoration of this magnitude isn't easy, but it can be done. If you are into genealogy and come across photographs that are in the worst of shape, don't despair. There is hope.


A old family portrait with discoloration, fading and a severe stain

Exposure corrected, detail enhanced and stain removed

This severely stained photo seemed beyond hope to the family that owned it. Apparently a bottled of nail polish had spilled across it. The polish had eaten away at the image beneath causing even more damage.  This damaged and faded photo also had a good number of scratches. As you can see from the results, extensive photo retouching brought this image back to life.



A wallet photo in dire need of restoration  

The same image after extensive photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects

This World War II era wallet sized photograph was encased in plastic for many years. Over time the plastic yellowed and became brittle resulting in a severely damaged photo. Through digital editing we returned this picture to its original condition without removing it from the plastic. We also enlarged it to 5"x7". If you have a damaged photo such as this, don't give up. We can restore photos like this with great success.




Badly scratched and damaged photograph

after photo restoration and enhancement

This treasured family photo had been severely scratched and damaged resulting in a lot of lost detail.  We were able to revive it and make the client very happy.

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A severely faded photo   After adjustment of image density and detail enhancement

This photo was so badly faded that there was hardly any detail left.  The detail was revived and the photo converted to grayscale. Another happy client.





Another seemingly miraculous restoration


Another extremely faded and discolored photo brought back to new condition. This Cabinet Card photo was taken in the 1870's.


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