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Logo - Head's Phototouch - photo restoration, photo retouching and special effectsHead's PhotoTouch
Photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects

Here are some examples of photographic images that needed something more than simple photo retouching.  Each of these photographs fell into the major restoration category. Look at the major improvements.

Major Photo Restoration


Damaged photo with water damage, darkening and yellowing.


The same photograph restored to its original state.
Over time this image had darkened and yellowed as well as sustained water damage and crinkling. We were able to adjust image density bringing the detail out of the darkened areas and clean up the damage resulting in a very nice 5x7 print ready for framing.


Though major damage occurred over the years we were able to fix this photograph

  After restoration. Missing portion of background in this photo was recreated

This old photo had been mounted to an adhesive mounting board for about 20 years.  Without protection in a frame, over the years the photo sustained serious damage.  As you can see, damaged family photos such as this can be fixed. Through state-of-the-art digital editing this memorable moment was saved.


faded, cracked photo with exposure problem
after photo restoration and sepia tinting by Head's PhotoTouch

This photo had a crack that ran the entire length, needed an an exposure correction, and to top it off, someone had written a name at the top left. The restoration eliminated the damage and and vastly improved the exposure problem. We also restored the sepia tint.



Old photo with pieces missing and severe stains                    

We were able to recreate the missing pieces and remove stains

The photo on the left had large sections missing and was badly stained.  We recreated a portion of the window sill and removed the stains bringing this photo back to new condition. The owner of this photo was deeply involved in her family genealogy and was extremely pleased with the results.


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