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Photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects

Real Estate Photo Services

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Photo Enhancement
Exposure & Color Correction / Web Optimization

Exposure & Color Correction

Real Estate photography with exposure problem same real estate photograph with exposure corrected

Under Exposure - A typical example of underexposure. Notice how the detail was brought out of the shadows while maintaining the deeply saturated sky and clouds. Simply lightening the image would have blown the detail out of the sky.


Real estate photo with underexposure problem Real Estate photograph with exposure correction

Under Exposure - Another example of under exposure. Note how the details of the home and lawn are greatly improved.


Another real estate photo that is under exposed Real estate photo with corrected exposure. The next example will show an overexposed real estate photo

Under Exposure - Correcting the exposure problem in this image really brought out the details, particularly in the trees and redwood deck.


Real estate photo that is over exposed This real estate photo was initially overexposed. The exposure correction madea huge difference

Over Exposure - Another common problem is that of over exposure. These are more difficult to deal with than under exposed images because certain highlights are completely void of detail leaving nothing to work with. This is an example of how details can be restored. Not as good as a properly exposed image, but much better than what we started with.

Cost: Exposure and color correction generally runs between $10 and $15 per photo depending on severity of the problem and the number of photos you are having corrected. I'll provide a firm quote before starting work.


Web Optimization
(Other than MLS Photos)

MLS photos are normally relatively large with fairly small files size. This causes image quality problems. On your own website you have the option to go smaller with higher quality images and faster page opening. In this gallery I show some examples. These images were optimized to minimize distortion and allow your web pages to open quickly. All images shown here are 375 x 250 pixels with file size under 25k.

Cost: The charge for optimization is $10 per photo, however, If you order this service when you order a photo shoot (Sierra North Valley MLS only) the charge will be $5 per photo. Just let me know the size you prefer or go with the size you see below.

If large image files are causing your  web pages to open slowly, this is the solution.



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To request an evaluation and quote for this service please click here

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