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Stand Out Above the Competition

Real Estate is one of the most competitive businesses on Earth and the old adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words" could not be more true than in the real estate business. Recent studies show that approximately 77% of homebuyers start their search on the internet compared to only 5% in 1995.

When you look at property on the internet what is the first thing you see once you've entered your search criteria? THE PICTURES! Don't let ordinary photos represent your property when the world is watching. Go for the extraordinary!

The photos that are clearer and brighter and more colorful, with fewer distractions will grab the attention of the buyer. I can do a number of things to make your photos stand out. Take a look below to see how.

Services Provided:

Photo Enhancement: Exposure correction, color correction, image density adjustment, minor sharpening (extremely blurry photos are usually beyond help), and resizing for the web if needed. PLEASE NOTE: Unless you tell me otherwise, photos will be returned to you with the same pixel dimensions that I receive them.  If you know the sizing requirements (pixel dimensions and file size) for your MLS and would like for me to optimize them for the web at that size, please let me know when you place the order. There will be an additional fee of $5 per photo for this service. 
Generally $10 to $15 per photo depending on condition. Please email the photos and I'll promptly send you a quote.

To request an evaluation and quote for this service please click here

Web Optimization: Photos can be resized as needed and optimized for the web to help your web pages open faster. If you know the size requirement (pixel size) just let me know and I'll resize the images and reduce the file size as much as possible while maintaining the best possible image quality. For example, with an image sized at 375 x 250 pixels I can usually get the file size under 25k without compromising image quality. If you don't have a specific pixel size requirement, I'll make the largest dimension 375 pixels with the smaller dimension proportional.
COST: Normally $10 per image. If you order this service along with a photo shoot (local service only) the charge will be $5 per image.

To request an evaluation and quote for this service please click here

Special Effects: Removal of unwanted objects, people or pets, sepia tinting, conversion to black and white, text on photo, faded edges, time stamp removal, etc. Please check with your local Board of Realtors to ensure that there are no prohibitions on the special effects effects you want to use. PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain an accurate representation of the property I will not remove permanent items such a poles, trees, decks, fences or anything that is attached to the house or outbuildings.
Determined by complexity. Please email the photos with a description of what you want done and I'll promptly send you a quote.

To request an evaluation and quote for this service please click here

Photo Taking Service: (local service only to the Sierra North Valley MLS) Stand above the competition. Let me take the photos for you. I'll provide 11 photos that are optimized for uploading to Paragon 3 (MLS software) as well as full resolution images that can be printed. Eleven is the maximum number of photos that can be uploaded to the Sierra North Valley MLS. All images will be put onto a Compact Disk for safe storage. All photos will be taken with a state-of-the-art Nikon D70s Digital SLR camera. This service does not include removal of objects or other special effects. If you schedule this service and the property is occupied, please advise your clients so they can de-clutter if necessary and spruce things up for the photo shoot. If you request that items be removed from the photos I'll quote a price for the service.
COST: (Includes 11 photos, additional photos $5 each)
Paradise and Magalia, CA. $125 / $75*
(plus tax)
Oroville and Chico (town limits) $175 / $125*
(plus tax)
Other outlying areas will be quoted based on distance from Magalia.
Special Introductory Pricing*  Save $50 on your first photo taking order. The rates in red above will apply.

Personal Website Photo Optimization: In addition to the MLS photos and prints, if you would like to have the photos from the shoot resized and optimized for your own website please let me know the size you need in pixels. If you are not sure of the size, I suggest going with approx 375 x 250 You can see examples.
COST: To optimize images from the shoot is $5 each (50% off the normal optimization cost).

To request an evaluation and quote for this service please click here


Refund Policy for Real Estate Photo Services:

Since real estate photos are always provided in digital form there are no refunds once you receive the final product. I will email watermarked proofs for your approval before providing the final images.

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