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Photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects

Below are examples of various photo montages, sometimes referred to as photo collage. These can be a great way to put some of your favorite photos into one image and one frame. They make great gifts. Photo montages of old family photos such as these are sure to become family heirlooms.

Blended Photo Montage

Family Photo Montage - various family photos combined through digital photo editing to form a memorable gift

This blended photo montage traces this family's parents from their childhood as shown at the bottom left and right, and moves forward in time to show significant events in their lives as well as their six children when they were young.  Montages such as these make memorable gifts. We printed this one on 13" x 19" watercolor photo paper for a very nice effect.

Photo montage with partial colorization
This montage, done for a client in Pennsylvania, started out with a series of color images. The client wanted a partial color effects, so we converted the photos to black and white then restored the original color to selected elements of the photos. The client was very happy with this treasured gift.

Artistic Photo Montage

Image of masonry wall in China used for photo montage Image of lady taking a pottery lesson. Photo used in abstract photo montage

Image of pottery instructor used in abstract photo montage

Abstract Photo Montage

A long time client recently took a trip to China where his wife took pottery lessons. The potter's workplace was surrounded by a masonry wall (above left). The photos of my client's wife and the instructor were placed behind the wall and cutouts were done to make it look as though the wall had been broken through to expose the potters inside. The actual size of this abstract print was 10"x16".

Simple Photo Montage

A beautiful case of photo editing resulting in a memorable wedding photo montage

This simple wedding photo montage is a very nice way to keep those precious memories. This type of photo collage is typically less expensive than the blended type since images are simply sized and placed rather than blended together. We always perform color correction, exposure correction and sharpening when needed as part of any photographic enhancement project. Please keep in mind that these examples are of very low resolution to allow fast page loads. Actual prints are of the highest quality.

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