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Logo - Head's Phototouch - photo restoration, photo retouching and special effectsHead's PhotoTouch
Photo restoration, photo retouching and special effects

Colorization, color correction and exposure correction are just a few of the things we can do to enhance your treasured family photos. We can colorize an entire photo or just the parts of the photo that you desire, as seen below. 




Vintage photo to be colorized

Black and white or sepia images can be colorized to accent particular subjects, or the entire image can be colorized.  Just let us know what colors you want or let us decide appropriate colors.  We can also convert  color images to black and white or to partial color or apply a wide rage of other photo editing techniques.

Same photo after photo editing techniques applied


 damaged photograph, photo with peieces missing   restored photo with person removed, background change, colorization, and vignette
This is actually a combination of extreme photo restoration and special effects (Photo colorization & element repositioning). In this case the client wanted to be removed from this badly damaged photo and placed onto a blue background. The position of his left arm presented a bit of a challenge since it was elevated in the original. Through the magic of digital photo editing notice how we placed his arm across his lap.  We also colorized the photo to the client's liking and applied a nice vignette.


Color & Exposure Correction

Badly underexposed photo   The same photo after exposure and color correction

In this example the flash failed to go off when the picture was snapped resulting in a badly underexposed photo. The example at right shows how detail and color can be pulled from the deepest shadows.

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